About Me
My name is Tom Mayne. I have lived in the Tyler area for 42 yrs and have been married for 21 yrs. I have two beautiful girls ages 16 and 20. I was raised just 2 miles from Lake Palestine where I found myself fishing with my father who took me every chance he got. When he wasn't home I was hopping pond to pond just looking for anything to bite my hook. My dad used to take me catfishing but said I wouldn't leave my bait in the water so he decided bass fishing would be better. We pretty much fished for everything time to time but as time went on I talked my dad into fishing a tournament or two. I spent alot of my time losing my entry fee early on so I decided to join the East Texas Bass Association where I learned the basics of tournament fishing. As time went on I began to get a check every now and then so I was really hooked on being competitive. As I continued to learn I began to win more and more so I decided to try some bigger circuits. Slowly but surely things got better and I was winning tournaments. I have one angler of the year titles in the E.T.B.A. and also Media Bass. One of my biggest win came on Lake Tyler where my partner and I won a new Triton boat and equally as big of a win me and a customer won a new Dodge Truck in Bass Champs for a 9.02lb fish. I have been at the top of chain in East Texas fishing for many years now having more memorable days on the water than I can remember. I would now like to utilize the knowledge and skills I have aquired over the years to allow others to increase their own knowledge on the water so that they can enjoy their time on the water more. Feel free to contact me for a trip of a lifetime.



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